Bradley Lattin, Athletic Director

The athletic program is an integral part of Arkansas Christian Academy’s total education program.

We believe athletics play a essential role in building character & good sportsmanship. We strive to instill the desire and discipline to compete, along with the organizational skills needed to maintain academic success as well as athletic involvement.

We currently offer competitive football, basketball and volleyball.

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Elementary Academics

K5 - 5th grade uses A Beka Book curriculum. With a traditional approach to education, A Beka Book provides an outstanding framework to prepare your children for the next level.

Middle School Academics

Middle School curriculum is a mix between A Beka and supplemental resources. Students at this age have special needs and require greater challenges.

High School Academics

High School is the time to get your student ready for college and the workforce. Our innovative frameworks prepare students for future academic success with practical life skills.





Daycare & Preschool

Ashley Staggs, Preschool Director

We offer the best daycare and preschool for ages six weeks to five years, based on availability.

The A Beka Book curriculum begins at age 18 months. Children attending Arkansas Christian Preschool are not just getting their physical needs met while their parents are working. They are surrounded by a loving Christian atmosphere, taught by committed instructors and grounded in academic fundamentals that will prepare them for school.

Drop by our Preschool office for any questions you may have or to see classrooms and meet our staff. Our friendly and knowledgeable faculty, as well as our immaculately clean facilities, will assure you of our commitment to providing the most outstanding care for your child.