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Welcome to the Nurse's Office!


Arkansas Christian Academy is privileged to have 3 nurses on staff, who are ready to assist students with any medical needs they may have.  Our amazing nurses will be available for your child at a moments notice, whether he/she simply isn't feeling well, takes daily prescription medication, or in case of an accident at school.  

What does the school nurse do?

  • Maintain health records for all students – this includes:

    • Immunizations - please make sure your child’s are up to date before school starts

    • Physical exams – all athletes beginning 2018-2019

    • Health history – this includes medical diagnoses, surgeries, current medications (given at home as well as school), allergies (seasonal, drug, food, life threatening), and any other pertinent health information about your child

  • Assess and treat illness or injury – Whether it’s a scraped knee, tummy ache, fever, or more serious issue such as allergic reaction, broken bone or concussion - We are the first responder to any medical need.

  • Monitor and treat chronic health conditions – such as asthma, diabetes, seizure disorders, severe allergies, etc.

  • Administer medication – The district policy allows medication to be given at school if parent authorization AND physician authorization forms are completed. This applies to prescription AND over-the-counter medication. These forms are available in our office, as well as on-line under Nurses Notes.

  • Monitor illness “outbreaks” – If several students are diagnosed with a communicable illness (such as strep throat, flu), we will send an e-mail to heighten your awareness of symptoms. Don’t forget to call if your child is diagnosed with a communicable illness!

  • Hearing and vision screenings – Students in kindergarten-2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th grades are screened routinely. However, screenings may be performed for any student if a parent or teacher expresses concern.

  • Participate in Care Team, 504, and IEP meetings as needed – to address and support a student’s health issues

  • “Emotional Support – Sometimes a child is sad, homesick, or overwhelmed in class and just needs some TLC! A little one-on-one attention and a patient, willing ear are often all it takes to help a child rejoin the classroom. We work closely with the counselors and teachers to ensure your child is happy and safe at school!

If you have any questions or concerns please call or e-mail – We check our phone and e-mail messages upon arrival each morning and throughout the day.

Phone: (501) 847-0112 Ext 1114
Fax: (501) 847-0177


Meet Your School Nurses


    Megan Pierce         

Megan Pierce has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Central Arkansas.  She has worked in the nursing field for 9 years and though she has worked in many areas of nursing, she has worked primarily in the NICU.  Her most recent position has been with the PICU.  Megan is happily married to her husband, Brad, and they have 3 wonderful children together.  Megan says her favorite thing about being a nurse is seeing the positive change she can make in someone's life.  

    Haley Shelby

Haley graduated from University of Arkansas at Little Rock in 2008 with an Associates Degree of Science in Nursing.  She has worked with children for 9 years.  During this time she was confronted with a variety of medical conditions that required acute care in the pediatric population.  Her experience in the pediatric field means Haley will prove a valuable asset to students at ACA.  Haley is married to her husband Mitchell, and their family consists of 1 son, 2 daughters, and 2 dogs.  Haley's favorite thing about being a nurse is wearing all the "hats" that fall under the "nurse" title and seeing the positive effect she can have on a patient and family, no matter the situation.

     Amber Ventress

Amber has been an RN at Arkansas Children's Hospital for 13 years.  During her tenure at Children's she has worked in The Burn Center, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, on a Special Staffing Team, as a Hospital Nursing Supervisor, and Occupational Health.  Amber's valuable experience with children's care will be much appreciated at Arkansas Christian Academy.  Amber is married to her husband Jeremy, and together they have a daughter named Isabelle, a son Cooper, a dog Gabby Sue, and a cat named Coal Dagger.